2022-2023 Executive Board


President Charline Ibanez
VP - Ways & Means/LRP Laura Williams
VP - Communications Leslie Parkan
VP(s) - Fundraising Michelle Hatfield
VP(s) - Fundraising  Angela Bray
Treasurer Amber Lewis
Secretary Leslie Cornett
Parliamentarian Amy Reeves
Community Relations (B4B & CIS) Joy McCormack 


Committee Chairs


6th Grade Coffee Host Kim Williams
6th Grade Social Kacey Riley
6th Grade Social Kellie Morley 
7th Grade Coffee Host Lara Marie Thielhorn
7th Grade Social Kalynn Swinbank 
8th Grade Assembly Amy Reeves 
8th Grade Coffee Host Natalie Buck
8th Grade Dance

Kendle Dardis 

8th Grade Dance

Amy Reeves 
8th Grade Dance Kim Conrad
8th Grade Graduation Hollie West
Bear Camp Jill Davis
Bear Camp Whitney Janke
Bear Camp Amy Reeves 

Bear 4 Bears

Joy McCormack

Bears 4 Bears closet

Deanna Mauritzen 
Bears 4 Bears closet Alison Donaldson
Bear Walk Bricks Charline Ibanez 
Book Fair Nadine Balombin 
Copyroom Volunteers Angela Bray 
Elementary Liaison - BHE 5th Grade  
Elementary Liaison - HCE 5th Grade Meredith Turner 
Elementary Liaison - MDE 5th Grade Katie Newtown 
Elementary Liaison - VOE 5th Grade Heather Tackett 
End of Year PTA Meeting Host Michelle Hatfield 
Faculty Representative Catherine Pavone 
Financial Reconciliation Andrea Ganzinotti 
GT Liaison Charline Ibanez 
Healthy Livestyles (SHAC) Katie Newtown 
Landscaping/Grounds Whitney Janke
Lifetime Membership Charline Ibanez 
Main Office Volunteers Trish Kyle 
Marquee Stacy Macia 
Marquee Kimberly Williams
Mentoring Kendle Dardis 
Reflections Emily Sperandio 
SBEF Liaison Charline Ibanez 
SBISD Advocacy Charline Ibanez 
SBM Building Admin Asst Zitlalik Mendez 
School Supplies Charline Ibanez 
School Supplies Michelle Hatfield 
Social Media Leslie Parkan 
Spelling Bee Jennifer Fuller 
Spirit Gear Alex Lloyd 
Teacher Appreciation Andrea Miller 
Teacher Appreciation Meredith Turner 
Teacher Appreciation Lauren Epley 
Teacher Appreciation Kristie Kafka 
Teacher Appreciation Kelly Adams
Turkeys for Custodial and Café Staff Andrea Miller 
Veterans Day Whitney Janke
Website Leslie Parkan
Write-A-Check Malorie Leman 
Write-A-Check Elizabeth Borski 











































If you are interested in sponsoring SBMS for the 23-24 school year, please contact Angela Bray, angmatt00@gmail.com