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It is time again to reacquaint ourselves with “recapture” and what it means for SBISD. The Texas Legislature is losing some of the strongest advocates for public education with the retirement of Dan Huberty and others. The SBISD area will also lose State Rep. Jim Murphy from District 133 - one of the largest portions of SBISD (State Rep. Lacey Hull’s district (138) and State Rep. Penny Morales Shaw (148) are assumed to be running as incumbents). This means a large portion of SBISD is guaranteed to be represented by a freshman State Representative who may not not have experience in public school funding.


What is “recapture?” In a 1993 response to court rulings calling for a more equitable school funding system, the Legislature began requiring school districts with higher levels of property wealth per student to pay recapture. Recapture is the process through which these districts send some of their local property-tax revenue to the state. The process is often referred to as Robin Hood. The intent of recapture is to help all school districts have roughly similar amounts of money to spend per child. But over time, recapture has grown considerably, and today recapture payments have grown so large that the state uses those dollars to support a considerable amount of the state’s funding obligation for education, therefore freeing up state funds to be spent on areas of the state budget other than education.


Because SBISD is property wealthy - we are a “recapture” district. SBISD’s “recapture” recently decreased from $84M to $39M (about 12% of local tax revenues) for fiscal year 2020 due to the passage of HB3 in the 86th legislative session. However, it is back up to $60M for 2021 and for 2022, the estimate is $51M and back to $64M in 2023 - which is right back where we were in 2017. Bond monies (funds finance capital improvements and are paid back over time) are not subject to recapture.


HB3 passed in the 86th session didn't fix recapture, it essentially kicked the can down the road. HB3 didn’t ‘fix’ school finance. 


Learn more about recapture from the Texas School Coalition and Spring Branch Speaks. Also, visit the SBISD Council of PTAs website.




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